Update Your Home Décor to Bring the Summer Inside

Update Your Home Décor to Bring the Summer Inside - Cotswold Luxe

Updating your home décor can be so much fun, as it is an opportunity to completely switch up your home interiors. In the summer, décor focuses on creating fresh, light and open spaces.  So it’s time to get creative and start accessorising with light fabrics and bursts of vibrant colours.

Indoor Planting

Allowing nature to influence your home décor can really help to bring the summer inside. Faux plants and flowers are perfect home accessories as they create a fresh, natural aesthetic. They also always look unspoilt and presentable, in comparison to living indoor plants and require much less care.


Large mirrors are perfect for enhancing a room by creating a series of illusions. In a windowless room, a mirror can create the illusion of more windows and a wider, open space. While entertaining, mirrors are also praised for lifting the atmosphere by creating the illusion of more guests.

As well as opening up your space, mirrors make a great focal point for rooms without a fireplace or mantlepiece. During the summertime, they can maximise the light in your home and are ideal for brightening dark corners of a room.

Outdoor Furniture

Summer is the season of outdoor entertaining, with BBQs, children’s birthday parties and evening drinks. Create a welcoming outdoor space for guests by investing in quality outdoor furniture.

Summer provides the perfect excuse for buying a new outdoor dining furniture set and additional seating. At Cotswold Luxe we favour a neutral grey wash for outdoor furniture, to blend seamlessly with garden pavements and decking.

Home Fragrance

Once you have the look, it is time to shop for a new summer home fragrance. When choosing your new home fragrance, go with what makes you feel clean, cosy and at home. Most often, people opt for summer fragrances which are light, fresh and floral like their new décor.

As well as traditional candles, at Cotswold Luxe we supply a range of beautifully scented diffusers to fill your living space.

Photo Frames

To personalise your home décor, photo frames are perfect for displaying all of your favourite summer memories. Hanging photo frames in your hallway is a great way to introduce your family to visitors of your home. It can greet them with friendly, familiar smiles and can often spark a topic of conversation.

Shopping for Summer Home Décor

At Cotswold Luxe we offer a range of beautifully crafted, luxury furniture, including some perfect summer pieces. With a range of designers and styles to choose from, browse our online store or visit our Cotswold showroom to get started on your summer home makeover.

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