Rathbornes Candles & Diffusers

Rathbornes Candles & Diffusers

If you have ever visited our store in Chipping Campden you will have smelt our passion for home fragrance! A candle is always burning, we just love our home scents and there is nothing quite like that flickering flame. When selecting candles it is important to us that we supply quality over quantity, let me introduce Rathbornes..

Founded in Dublin in 1488 (that’s 200 years older that our Chipping Campden showroom) Rathbornes is the world’s oldest candle company and still used many of the traditional hand crafted methods founded in the Fifteenth century.  

Rathbornes Origins

John G Rathborne established his candle company on Wynetavern Street, Dublin in 1488 after moving over from Chester, England to seek his fortune with an innovative new business. From 1960 it was Rathbornes who supplied candles for the streets of Dublin to be lit by candlelight.  

What to expect

Quality like no other, From the packaging to the product are of exceptional quality and make for perfect gifts, once lit you can expect the same quality and depending on which size you have selected you can expect burn times of 20 Hours for the 75g travel candle to 50 Hours for the 390g Luxury candle while the Rathbornes 200ml Reed Diffusers last up to 16 weeks.

If you haven’t visited our showroom you will find the Rathbornes range on display in our showroom, please pop in to the store for a chat.

Regards Kate.

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